Thursday, July 3, 2008

Tagged... Random 7

ummm... thanks, Kelly.... :p
here are my random facts... I don't know how weird they are, though (Kelly's were much better, so go check them out!).
1. I love butterflies.
2. I was very athletic throughout school (on the volleyball, soccer, basketball, badminton, track & field, and cross country teams at school, plus did gymnastics after school) and I miss it now.
3. I placed third in a Royal Conservatory of Music piano competition (and won money) when I was 12-ish.
4. I was the yearbook editor in high school.
5. I was a bookworm with my head always in a book. I've recently started reading more regularly, and love it all over again!
6. I've never broken a bone, but did severely sprain an ankle playing basketball.
7. I'm clutzy, but manage to avoid doing more than bruising myself...
okay, the hard part's done. Now to pass on the 'fun'! ;)
I'm tagging:
2. Anne
3. Carmen (note that you're now double tagged...)
4. Krystn (another double tag)
5. Laura (yes, you're double tagged too...)
6. Shannon (really trying hard not to copy Kelly's whole list, but it's not working...)
7. Monica (sorry! ;) )

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