Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The new Stampin' Trimmer

I have tried many (many) different trimmers, and the new Stampin' Trimmer has a lot of great features that I love! You can see many of the great features in the video above, and here are my favourite features:
  • The cutting base is 6 1/4" (you don't have to flip out the arm to cut most cards), and the extended measuring arm is 14 1/2".
  • The cutting track is longer than 12", so you can leave both the cutting and scoring blades in all the time... no more switching back and forth! Plus, the scoring blade doesn't cut through the paper like I've had happen with other trimmers.
  • Straight cuts!!! Yes, this seems like it should be a given, but I've had many trimmers that I couldn't get straight cuts with.
  • I love that all the ruler and grid marks on the base are covered in plastic... no way they will rub off over time like my last few trimmers.
  • Non-skid feet to keep the trimmer in place while I'm cutting.
  • A storage compartment under the base... perfect to hold a pencil and bone folder or scoring tool, extra blades and other small items that I always lose if they're out on my table.

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