Sunday, July 31, 2011

clean up time!

I have lots of projects to share with you (finally got them off my camera and onto my computer), but I thought I'd share something fun with you first. I'm a spreader when I create and my table gets more than a little out of control. I decided I needed to start fresh this week, and I took some pictures to show you the before & after. I hope I'm not alone!

This is the before shot... after prepping for classes all month, making Thank You notes for orders, and mounting all my new stamp sets.

 I've cleared almost everything off... I didn't go through my paper/tool holders this time. My light is also essential so I kept it on there too.

Here's the after (after some prepping for Ila's workshop last week). I'm happy to report that it looks about the same as this right now, although that might change as I make some more thank you notes, cards my MIL ordered and prep for next month's classes. It sure feels better right now to have some breathing space though!

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Totallyawake4-life said...

LOL - oh I can so empathize with you - everytime I turn around my work station is needing a cleanse!